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From: Jef
Subject: Finding Love Part #3 (high school)Finding Love: A Work of Fiction Part 3
Written By: Jeffrey J. MirizioI dedicate this story to TB, you know who you are. I hope you
realize now what you are going to be missing out on, since you
broke my heart!
Author's Note: This story is told in the main character's point of
view.... Maybe a Little MoreAfter that night Greg and I continued to get to know each other
and after a while we became the best of friends. Secretly, I was
still wishing to become more than friends with Greg, because as
we got to know each other more and more, my feelings for him
grew from love to pure love! Little did I know, that the feeling was
mutual.The day I found out about the mutual feeling was on my sixteenth
birthday. I only invited Kyle, Jeff, Jen, and Greg to my party. That
night, Greg stayed over and it was the best night of my life, up
until then at least. We were watching TV, when all of a sudden
Greg started talking to me.,_,Nate?,_, Greg said, ,_,I have to tell you something that I think
change our friendship!,_,,_,Greg, whatever it is you can tell me!,_, I said to him in a very
worried voice.,_,Nate, I'm gay and I have feelings for you!,_, he said as he
to cry.,_,Oh, Greg! Don't cry, littlehannah bbs it's ok!,_, I said grabbing him and pulling
into a hug, ,_,please don't cry, everything is okay! I'm glad that
you're gay and that you have feelings for me, because I feel
exactly the same way about ls bbs art you!,_,,_,Nate, you're gay too?,_, Greg said in a choked up mpeg pedo bbs
going to happen now?,_,,_,Greg I don't know, but I do know one thing and that is that we
have right now and right now we have each other!,_, I said to him
and when I was done talking, I raised his head up and brought
our lips together for our first kiss!,_,Oh my God, Nate! That was... that was...!,_, he said, but he cut
off.,_,Everything we've been waiting for!,_, I said smiling at him.,_,Nate, will you be my boyfriend?,_, Greg asked me smiling with
sparkle of love in his eyes.,_,I wouldn't have it any other way!,_, I said as I kissed his lips
again.Finally, the start of a new romance! Love, ahh! What a very
special feeling! This was the best birthday I ever had.

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